Ms. Jen’s Self-Care Bingo

This time of year tends to be stressful for educators because all the things are rolling and more are coming soon.

Such as…






Report card writing,

Parent/teacher conferencing,

Coping with energy and mood changes due in part to seasonal shifts,

Not to mention, the holidays and everything that brings.

Self-care is critical in order to do this work well and to be well while doing it, especially since many of us will not have a break for a little while yet. While rewarding oneself with something like a purchase can give us a literal “fix” that temporarily helps us feel better for a moment when stress is high, healthy self-care requires a different approach. The key is in establishing an individualized daily rhythm of care that allows you to tend to your own needs. It includes both giving and receiving support.

Why is self-care so important? Nobody can pour from an empty cup, and we have loved ones, students, families, and colleagues who need us to give what we have to give. Many are counting on you! We are all better together in our communities, and that means we need to help fill one another up.

Reflect on your physical, psychological, emotional, personal, relational, spiritual, and professional needs. Specifically, think about what you could build in more of in a day to day way to help you be a healthier, happier you!

Looking for a fun way to improve your self-care? Try, my new self-care bingo. I designed it just for you, and the amazingly artistic Carol Hinrichs brought it to life!

Here’s how to use it:

1-Gather your people.

2-Each person fills in their own own bingo card with healthy things that help them tend to their own needs.

(Mine will probably include things like, Monday flowers on my desk, doTERRA lemon oil in my water bottle, music playlist going in my office, taking a lunch each day for a week, practicing mindfulness with students, leaving my bag of work at work, walking my dog after work, not checking work email at home for 24 hours, looking ahead and making arrangements to attend live music with friends, asking for help with something and offering help too so that two tasks are spent with someone I care about, and saying no to something so that I can read for fun.)

3-Mark your card as you tend to you. And, send a gif to your people announcing BINGO when you complete a row!

4-Celebrate together when everyone in your group gets BINGO. If there’s a cost, consider how to work it out so that your first winner enjoys for free!

Leave a comment to let us know how it goes. Or, tweet about it and tag me @MsJenAlexander because I would love to see you taking care of you and your people!

Without further ado, here’s the BINGO card! 🙂