Back-To-School During COVID-19: Be Connected

In some states, students and staff are headed back-to-school in brick-and-mortar buildings despite accelerated spread of the novel coronavirus as a result of state and national recommendations (or mandates). It’s highly concerning because people can’t genuinely feel safe if they aren’t actually safe. Without safety, harm may be caused, including illness, death, and trauma. This isn’t good for youth or adults as they try to teach and learn. It’s irresponsible for the health of our communities too.

Those who are returning to learn in a face-to-face fashion are being advised to social distance (as much as possible within crowded classrooms and buildings that often have poor ventilation). Depending on the district or state, face coverings may or may not be required.

How will educators work together to help everyone feel safe, be connected, and get regulated in these conditions so as to prepare for teaching and learning as much as possible? Here’s a video we made for you that includes playful back-to-school tips to help kids greet one another in safe, socially distanced ways that also encourage connection. Give it a try and comment with other ideas you have for helping students get connected this fall whether learning will be online or in school buildings.

All the best as you start your year. Remember, we are in this together, and we are definitely better for it.

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