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When Grief Comes to School

When Grief Comes to School: Sad Isn’t Bad

The 2020/2021 school year is a definitely a year when grief comes to school. That grief is caused by different losses. First, the pandemic has changed a lot for everyone. Some groups, however, are experiencing more illness, death, economic hardship,

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Questions for Trauma-Sensitive Decision-Making in Education

Questions for Trauma-Sensitive Decision-Making

A shorter version of “Questions for Trauma-Sensitive Decision-Making” was included on the Attachment & Trauma Network’s blog in the fall of 2020. Read it to explore four questions that will help you make trauma-sensitive decisions during the pandemic and beyond.

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Supporting Students and Staff After COVID-19

Supporting Students and Staff After COVID-19

Supporting Students and Staff After COVID-19: Your Trauma-Sensitive Back-to-School Transition Plan releases this month. I wrote it for every educator who is wondering how to support students in the wake of the pandemic. COVID-19 is a collective trauma that is

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Trauma-Sensitive Student Support During School Closures: Practical Strategies for Helping Caregivers Help Kids

Trauma-Sensitive Student Support

After watching my webinar with Brookes Publishing that shares this title, read this post to explore eleven activities designed for youth and their caregivers. Use them to provide trauma-sensitive student support during school closures associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. The

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Self-Care Stickies for Educators in the New Year

Self-Care Stickies for Educators

Learn how to improve your self-care practices in the new year using self-care stickies. Keep reading for step-by-step instructions. Happy New Year (if you celebrate that at this time of year)! For those who focus on the new year in

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Lending a Hand to Traumatized Youth

Lend a Hand to Traumatized Youth

Relationships between trauma-sensitive educators and traumatized children must include both nurture and challenge. When should educators lean more into nurturing? And, when is it better to challenge? Read the post below to better understand answers to these questions. You’ll also

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Ms. Jen's Self-Care Bingo for Educators and Other Helpers

Self-Care Bingo for Educators

While self-care is important every day, it’s especially important to focus on it in the fall when the layers of all things are rolling. It’s stressful because if you’re like me, you’re trying to juggle it all. Such as… Loving,

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