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The Trauma Informed Educators Network Podcast

Listen to Ms. Jen on the Trauma Informed Educators Network Podcast

Thank you to Mathew Portell for inviting me to be interviewed on the Trauma Informed Educators Network Podcast this morning. I very much enjoyed our conversation. Additionally, I felt amazed by how much information we discussed in just about an hour. We packed in lots of good stuff. For instance, I gave a detailed example of how I would approach working with a student in a trauma-sensitive way! Furthermore, I appreciated Mr. Portell’s viewpoints as a trauma-sensitive administrator from Tennessee.

Right now, take a listen to my episode, which is #11, to learn how I define a trauma-sensitive school. I also explain why I use the phrase trauma-sensitive and trauma-informed intentionally. Additionally, you’ll gain an understanding of what we can begin to do to address safety, connection, regulation, and learning needs as trauma-sensitive educators. For example, I will give you a spoiler alert. It’s not at all about promoting leniency or a lack of boundaries. In fact, we can both nurture and challenge our students and one another as educators. Both matter, and both are possible. This allows for felt safety within relationships and accountability in trauma-sensitive schools. It’s not one or the other. It’s both.

In conclusion, there are other great interviews on the podcast too. Check them out! Listen on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, or SoundCloud. Also, I’d very much like to invite you to ask questions about building trauma-sensitive schools in the comments. Let’s keep the dialogue going!

Helping you help kids,

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