2016 ISCA Conference

I had a blast presenting a pre-conference session at the Iowa School Counselor Association Conference this year in early November. The room was full, and counselors were eager for information about how to help the many traumatized students in every single classroom, every day. They had great questions, and, of course, we ran out of time to address them all. Learning about trauma is definitely one of those things that leaves us with the realization that the more we know, the more we realize we need to know more!

I ended our presentation with a Kid President video because we all need a pep talk once in awhile. Learning about trauma, navigating the world with traumatized students, and doing everything we can to help can leave us drained and even at a loss for hope sometimes. Secondary trauma is real, and we must tend to ourselves and one another so we can be the ones in our schools who whisper to each and every student, colleague, and family member, “Keep going, keep going, keep going!”

Here’s that little pep talk for you!