Ms. Jen’s Online Fall 2020 Training Seminars

Whether you’ve started school yet or not, I am guessing that you are feeling layers of stress unlike any other back-to-school time you’ve experienced previously. I’m here to help you help kids by first giving you tips about how to prioritize your own needs and then, sharing practical ideas that will assist youth and families with their stress responses too.

My new book Supporting Students and Staff After COVID-19: Your Trauma-Sensitive Back-To-School Transition Plan has been released and is now available as an ebook wherever you like to purchase books. Over fifty downloads are available with your purchase and are aimed at assisting you in meeting the emotional and social needs of everyone when schools reopen. I truly hope it will ease just a little bit of the burden you may be feeling right now.

I also have several upcoming online trainings that I have designed with your needs as an educator in mind. Please consider joining us!

The Back-To-School Mini-Series for educators will help you care for yourself and your students in light of COVID-19 this fall. Register for one, two, or all three 3-hour seminars (each will be facilitated on a Saturday each month in Sept., Oct., and Nov., and you can choose either the AM or PM session). Note that these include *brand new* content! Learn more here. Or, download the easy-to-print handout.

If you are working with parents or other caregivers who would benefit from parenting support during this time of *big stress* please invite them to check out my 1.5 hour parenting session that will be facilitated twice on Thursday, September 10, 2020. Learn more here. Or, download the easy-to-print handout.

Finally, if you as a helper and your teams are ready to go beyond immediate trauma-sensitive responses to thoughtfully create action plans that will help you build a comprehensive and sustainable trauma-sensitive school, district, or organization, my September training institute is just what you need! Attend one or all three days and be ready to help lead the way for change. Learn more here. Or, download the easy-to-print handout.

Support as well as practical learnings are part of every training with Ms. Jen, wether face-to-face or online. If you’d prefer to learn more about how Ms. Jen could bring one of these trainings to you, reach out by email at We’re all in different places and not everyone has the same needs, but by working together, we can all better serve our students and families both *right now* and in the future too. It all starts with tending to yourself because you must inhale care for self in order to exhale care for others.

To help you, I made a download that will assist you in identifying one thing you are going to give yourself permission to do more of or less of right now so that you can be well taken care of. One thing I’m doing, for example, is giving myself permission to stop working each day when my laptop battery runs out. Once it needs to be plugged in, it goes in a different room to recharge, and that’s my signal to stop, rest, and recharge too. What permission will you give yourself when so much grief and worry abounds? Be gentle with yourself as this is not easy, and please take good care.