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I’m glad you’re here. My name is Jen Alexander. As an experienced educator, trauma expert, author, and professional development facilitator, I believe that trauma-sensitive educators can make a positive difference in the lives of students, one relationship at a time. That’s why I’m a passionate leader in the movement to build trauma-sensitive schools. Known by children and adults alike as “Ms. Jen,” I love helping kids—and giving others what they need to help kids, too. Whether you’re an educator or community member who is committed to supporting all youth, I invite you to learn with me. Together, we can build supportive learning environments that help everyone feel safe, be connected, get regulated, and learn.

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Connect with Ms. Jen through a free initial consultation to discover your next step in a building a trauma-sensitive environment.

Explore events and trainings that will help everyone feel safe and be ready to learn.

Make a difference with support and coaching from Ms. Jen’s team. 

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In Ms. Jen’s training seminars, educators explore how to both prevent trauma and respond sensitively to folks who have experienced too much stress.

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Elephant in an artistic collage by Iveta Vaicule
Ms Jen Alexander

Working Memory is a Superpower—Learn How to Support it

When students are disengaged, educators often respond with, “It’s time to focus.” Or, “You’re choosing not to do the work.” These are based on incorrect assumptions, however. It’s better to hypothesize that working memory difficulties are getting in the way of following through with school tasks. Learn all about this

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Ms Jen Alexander

Answers to Trauma-Sensitive Questions in Ms. Jen’s Quick Guides

I teach trauma-sensitive teams how to notice the need and meet the need with individuals, groups, and entire school systems. Often, educators in live seminars respond with really good questions. Other folks likely have similar wonderings but may not be present for my responses. That’s why I’ve created new quick

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