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Take Good Care

Educators experience big stress. Ms. Jen’s team genuinely cares and is here to support you as you take good care of yourself and others. Stay tuned for information about how to sign up for an online coaching group. Let’s grow together!

More on Taking Good Care

Self-Care Stickies for Educators in the New Year

Self-Care Stickies for Educators

Learn how to improve your self-care practices using self-care stickies. Keep reading for step-by-step instructions. Happy New Year (if you celebrate that at this time of year)! It can be a great time to set personal goals. I will lose

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Ms. Jen's Self-Care Bingo for Educators and Other Helpers

Self-Care Bingo for Educators

While self-care is important every day, it’s especially important to focus on it in the fall when the layers of all things are rolling. It’s stressful because if you’re like me, you’re trying to juggle it all. Such as… Loving,

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Mindful Minutes for the Trauma-Sensitive Classroom

Mindful Minutes in Your Classroom

Daily trauma-sensitive mindfulness practice at school can help youth and adults get regulated. When I introduce the concept of mindfulness to students of any age, I describe it as practicing a calm body, caring heart, and focused mind. When I

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Grounding Exercise

Grounding Technique for Students and Staff

It’s nearly back to school time for many of us as educators! It’s exciting. Of course, it can also be stressful. When experiencing stress responses, it can be helpful for students and staff in trauma-sensitive environments to use a grounding

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