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Ms. Jen’s Two Cents Will Help You Help Kids

Ms. Jen's Two Cents

Educators often tell me that short videos where you could hear me explaining how I might communicate with youth would help you help kids. I listened to you and am excited to roll out something new! Check out the very first episode of Ms. Jen’s Two Cents! In these short videos, I will share tips about the mindsets, tools, and strategies for building trauma-sensitive schools. Each one will include new ideas for helping you help kids.

What’s the Strategy in This Ms. Jen’s Two Cents?

Today’s video is all about an easy-to-use strategy that can help students (and adults) get regulated. It’s perfect for times when young children, adolescents, or faculty are feeling distressed for any reason, especially if hugs are helpful but not possible in the moment. Consider it when folks are hurting, grieving, worried, or even, feeling lonely. In fact, it’s one of my favorite strategies when supporting groups of people in response to recent trauma or grief. That’s because I can teach it to everyone in a group at the same time, and the practice is regulating. I call it Hand on Heart & Belly. I learned it from Dr. Daniel Siegel during his NACAC presentation in 2015. It’s easy to learn, and great for people of any age. No extra tools necessary. Just use your hands, including one on your heart and one on your belly. Watch the video to learn more.

How and When Do You Use it?

Then, encourage its use anywhere, anytime whether at school, home, or in the community. Importantly, several kids have shared with me that it’s their go-to when they’re upset while riding in a vehicle. Ask your students when it works especially well for them. Enjoy!

What strategies do you use to help yourself and others get regulated? Please consider sharing in the comments so that everyone can learn more. Be watching for upcoming new episodes of Ms. Jen’s Two Cents as well.

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